Annual Missionary Travel Association membership is $25

Submit an online enrollment form, pay the membership fee and receive immediate membership in the Missionary Travel Association. Membership provides 12 months access to the MTA Discounts, travel resources, projects, best practices grants and eight days of travel benefits for missionary purposes. Additional missionary travel days may be added any time prior to the first day of travel. By submitting a completed enrollment form and payment to MTA, you agree to join the Missionary Travel Association. Travel protection is one of many benefits of your membership in the association.

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Explore the amazing benefits of membership:


As a member of the Missionary Travel Association you receive access to significant discounts for travel, dining, recreation and entertainment. You also receive travel, medical and repatriation benefits.

Don’t miss out on these discounts, using your MTA member ID number, register for one year of discount benefits here.

Remember, with your MTA registration you have access to these discounts!

Travel Discounts

  • Search a growing list of over 225,000 hotels in our custom online booking engine

  • Discover activities, hotels, cars (wholesale rates) at the same price OR cheaper than Expedia and Orbit

  • Savings from 10% up to 50%

Dining Discounts:

  • Access to over 50,000 casual, fine dining and quick serve restaurants.

  • Savings from 10% up to 50%

  • Many Buy-1-Get-1-Free specials

Recreational/Entertainment Discounts:

  • Explore over 13,000 amusement parks, concerts, fun centers, zoo’s, sporting events, outdoor adventure.

  • Find classes like boxing, dancing and karate

  • Savings from 10% up to 50%.

Enroll you and your team now to receive the excellent benefits that membership in the Missionary Travel Association provides to every member.

RX Prescriptions Discount Card

  • Savings of up to 75%

  • Access to 68,000 pharmacies across the country including CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, Albertsons, Kroger, and many more.

  • Create as many coupons as you need.

  • This Coupon/Card is pre-activated and can be used immediately

Download your RX card at the bottom of the page.


Together, we can do more and do better. Members have access to updated, helpful information to help lead and plan effective mission trips and projects.


Membership includes 8 days of travel. More days can be added as needed.

Already a member and need to add more travel days, a new trip or additional team members?

Download full details of Travel Benefits

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To download the full Evidence of Benefits of travel click HERE

Already a member and need to add more travel days, a new trip or additional team members?

PLEASE NOTE: there are no travel benefits for trips taken to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Chad, West Bank/Gaza Strip, Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan and any other area where the U.S.A. State Department advises “DO NOT TRAVEL” [level 4] unless referred to Underwriters for special acceptance and additional premium cost.