About Travel Assistance


A part of Missionary Travel Association’s membership benefits is an annual program providing medical repatriation and assistance services to missionaries. Our members know that if they become seriously ill or injured while on the mission field, we will bring them home at no cost by (1) air ambulance-configured Learjet if medically necessary (2) commercial medical-assist or (3) on a commercial flight .

Standing out from among Missionary Travel Association’s many member benefits is MTA ‘s Emergency Medical Repatriation benefit that gives the assurance you need that others cannot provide— Peace of mind.

Missionary Travel Association members have the peace of mind that comes with fastest possible response times, exemplary medical care, and a trip home to the hospital of your choice should the need for medical repatriation arise.

Beginning in 2003, internationally accredited air ambulance operator, JET I.C.U. (www.jeticu.com), has transported critically ill and injured patients from well over 100 countries around the globe to medical care in their home countries.

Many of these people are missionaries. Nearly all missionaries fell in three groups:

  • Uninsured or underinsured face the incredible expense of an international air ambulance flight. ($70K-$150K)

  • Injured and waiting days for their insurer to put their transport home out to the lowest bid.

  • Evacuated by their insurer to the “nearest appropriate hospital” with subpar equipment in a foreign country with foreign doctors, far from the care of loved ones.

Since 2003 MTA has become an association driven to serve the needs of our members through travel benefits, discounts, projects, best practices, and grants.

We do not need to call an assistance company that will put your emergency medical transport out to bid. Upon confirming the medically necessary transport, we will simply launch an aircraft to bring you home at no cost.

Traditional travel companies cannot make such a commitment. They have neither the aircraft nor the medical crew. Their insured are forced to accept delays while bids are received for transport to evacuate patients to “nearest appropriate facilities”. We believe those in service to the Kingdom deserve better.

Getting You Home

If you or your covered family member is taken ill or is injured while on a mission trip more than 150 miles from your home, you will be entitled to medical transportation to a medical facility of your choice. Missionary Travel Association will make all the necessary arrangements to provide the appropriate method of transport for your medical condition.

First Call

When the Missionary Travel Association receives the FIRST CALL notifying Missionary Travel Association that you or your family member is facing an emergency medical situation, the Missionary Travel Association on-duty medical coordinator will be informed and communication will be established with the treating doctor at the attending medical facility. Regular contact will be maintained to monitor the your condition. Your family and mission group will also be updated at all times. Missionary Travel Association will continue the communication until the your condition has improved to enable you to resume your mission work in your current location or you require medical transportation.

Medical Benefit

Missionary Travel Association coordinators are able to provide contact information for medical facilities in most locations members may choose to travel. Payment to these facilities is covered with prior approval from Missionary Travel Association for treatment up to $25,000. The Missionary Travel Association is able to give guarantees of payments (GOP) to these facilities in most areas. It may be necessary in some locations for the member to pay and file a claim. Any payment made by a member up to the agreed limit and pre-approved will be reimbursed once the member returns home and submits claim forms to Missionary Travel Association

Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event of a member’s death while traveling more than 150 miles from home, Missionary Travel Association will make all arrangements and cover all costs associated with the return of the member to their home.

Contacting the Missionary Travel Association

Members are able to call the Missionary Travel Association medical assistance center 24 hours a day 365 days a year by dialing 352-678-5885. Ask for Medical Assistance. When calling please have the following information:

  1. Member’s [patient] name and membership ID number.

  2. Patient’s Date of Birth.

  3. Passport Number, Expiration, and exact spelling of Name on Passport

  4. Caller’s Name, location, and contact number.

  5. Location of Patient.

  6. Patient Condition.

  7. Hospital/Clinic telephone number.

  8. Attending Physician contact number and availability.

  9. Important numbers for messages for family or travel group.

By submitting a completed enrollment form and payment to MTA, you agree to join the Missionary Travel Association. Travel protection is one benefit of your membership in the association. To learn more about the association and other member benefits.