The Journey to Becoming a Church on Mission

Four milestones of the journey:

AWAKEN—to God’s heart that all people may know and worship Him.

Where are we going?  AWAKEN is the process of God revealing himself to us and transforming the way that we think about our lives and the role of the church.  As we are awakened, we realize that our primary task is fulfilling the mission of making disciples and that the primary motivation is worship.  We will be motivated to proclaim the Gospel to the darkest corners of the earth crossing both geographical and cultural barriers until the Gospel is available to all people.

What will we do?

  • Seek God’s Heart

  • Embrace God’s Heart

  • Share God’s Heart

EXPLORE—God’s specific plan for our church.

Where are we going?  Driven by God’s heart, we seek for God’s specific direction for our church.  For the sake of defining our local and global involvement, we will explore existing relationships and identify where and to whom we are sent.

 What will we do?

  • Identify our Existing Relationships with Missionaries, Mission organizations, affinities, networks, etc.

  • Identify to whom you have been sent, locally and globally

  • Know and Love our those to whom we have been sent.

EQUIP—our church to fulfill the mission.

Where are we going?  After we identify God’s specific direction for our church, we will respond by developing an intentional plan to educate, equip and organize the congregation. This is an ongoing process of engaging people where they are and moving them to the next level of equipping so that they can be personally involved in the mission of the church.

What will we do?

  • Educate our Church in the Vision

  • Equip our Church for the Mission

  • Organize Our Church to fulfill the Mission

ENGAGE—in God’s specific plan for our church.

Where are we going?  Responding to God’s direction, we will develop an ongoing process of mobilizing the whole body to carry out His calling.  We will have a “whatever it takes” approach even to the point of mobilizing other communities of believers for the sake of all peoples knowing Him.  

What will we do?

  •  Go and send to the People and Places God has Led You

  • Do Whatever it Takes to See Disciples Made

  • Focus on Actions and Activities that are Sustainable, Reproducible and Long Term

  • Evaluate the Progress Continuously

  • Mentor Others